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Youthandice's Parody Playmates

There are all kinds of mediums in art but this has a style of its own. Now I know you might say sucking someone off and being spanked at the same time doesn't quite fit into any category. Their innocent wide innocent anime eyes makes you quiver with excitement wanting to see what is going to happen next.

What can you say about art that makes you sizzle or should I say drizzle. There is a nice mix of soft expressive faces, but their experiences are delicious. Here take my hand and come in and view the art. Mmmmmm your hand is nice and soft just like the colors in here.

By - Youthandice -

Welcome to Youthandice's Parody Playmates!

Disney Studios has been turning out great movies for decades but for most of the Studio's history, the Disney Princess was a pretty drab and sexless gal - Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty.

Sorry, they simply didn't strike any sparks with me. Not interested.

One had to turn to the bad girls of those early Disney movies for even a hint of real sex appeal.

That all changed with the arrival of the new generation of Disney movies, with the Little Mermaid's anime-inspired Ariel. From that time on, Disney gals, whether in two-dimensions or three took on an extra dimension - they were hot and -- whole generations of movie viewers verging of puberty - not to mention their Dads who had long since passed it - developed extra special fantasy relationships with the sexy cartoon gals of Disney, Dreamworks, and other studios.

In my free time over the years, I've taken the opportunity to explore two of my favorite fetishes - Sexy Adorable Toons and "All-Natural Women."

It makes for an interesting mix and I offer it here for your enjoyment - here's a selection of Sexy All-Natural Disney, Dreamworks, and other Toon Gals!

Expect frequent updates in the current directories as well as new directories in the near future.


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